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This 10 week Soccer (Football) program was created to improve strength, speed & agility, acceleration and conditioning alongside your normal team trainign schedule.


The program is a combination of gym work and field based training, which improves sports performance for Footballers.

Included in this program are post and pre program testing and an area in each section to keep track of your progress.


This program is suited for athletes aged 16+, however can be adjusted for athletes 13+ if being supervised by a qualified strength & conditioning coach.

If you have any health issues or are returning to sport from injuries, please ensure you seek medical advice, prior to commencing the program.


Note - This is not 1 on 1 training with Ath-Elite Fitness, this is a pdf download training program for you to complete at home


This work is copyright apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of  Ath-Elite Fitness, Sydney Australia 2021.


Ath-Elite Fitness - 10 week Soccer (Football) Strength and Conditioning Program

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